The UK Pietenpol Club

Download Club application form here

The UK Pietenpol Club shall be a sporting club formed for the benefit of Pietenpol owners, builders, operators and enthusiasts.

Its principal intentions are:-

1. To formalise the existing group of Pietenpol enthusiasts in the UK.

2. To bring together persons with a common interest in Pietenpol aircraft.

3. To provide additional sporting interests and facilities.

4. To provide opportunities for flying and social events.

5. To provide technical information, support and advice for the construction and maintenance of Pietenpol aircraft, within the Club’s resources, moneys and expertise.

6. To provide a regular yearly or half yearly newsletter for circulation to members and the PFA, to include reports on members progress, technical data and tips, a calendar of Pietenpol flying and social events and advertisements.

7. To promote the club through the PFA and other advertising media.

8. To maintain and distribute a list of paid up members subject to the data protection rules and regulations.

9. To maintain a list of completed Pietenpol aircraft and owners and Pietenpol projects and builders.

10. To maintain a web site and home page for Pietenpol aircraft.

11. To promote an exchange of information and ideas for Pietenpol aircraft with clubs and other associations in other countries