Cockpit Access


Cockpit Step

I also would like to have a step to help get into and out of the plane. I was thinking of a retractable step that slides in and out. This would weigh more then the hole but might be a better angle for the foot to be in when climbing in and out. (see attachment)

Chris Tracy



I like the simplicity of Alan's step but I would hate to have air blowing in on my legs all the time, however would I even notice this in an open cockpit airplane. Does Alan use his step much, how well does it work, and does air blow in it? I will have to look more closely at the pictures of GBUCO and see where he placed it on the fuselage. I would think in front of the back seat would be ideal.



Alan's foot step goes through the fuz side underneath the rear seat, if that makes sense, so there is not a draft problem. I have used it and it does help, and as you mention it's simple!! Most UK builders also put in a cut out at the rear of the centre section...and I am considering building in a handle!?