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Project No / Reg


Start Date



G-PCAF Farnborough, Hants April 1993 Now at the 90% complete, 90% to do stage! O-200

Steve Bryan

G-BYLD Nr Banbury Nov '98

Steel Tube fuz, Wing spars signed off, Ribs complete

Working on leading/trailing edges...
    The official start date was Sunday the 25th of February.   Acquired plans Oct 2000
G-ECOX Bristol      
  Chichester, W Sussex      
G-BYKG Mynydd Isa Near Mold in Flintshire, North Wales May 1995    
  NSW, Australia   90% complete, 90% to go... Using Subaru engine...
G-ECVB Chibolton, Hants      
G-SLOW Brackley, Northants ---- Tailplane signed off Fuselage next...Using Subaru engine...
  Beverley, East Yorkshire     Acquired the late Christopher John's Project...
        Plans number is 0091 and Project number 047-12915
  Thirsk, N Yorks      
G-OPJS Nr Banbury 15 Feb '95

Tailplane signed off

Ribs complete

Currently working on main spars... and fuz!!
  Marsh Gibbon, Bucks      
  California USA      

Other members:

Peter Wright and Andrew Wright

  Devon   Ready to Cover!